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Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group has unveiled Terra Shrimp Seasoning Cube, which the company said is guaranteed to deliver a strong aroma, flavour and an irresistible taste to consumers’ meal.

Group executive director, TGI, Deepanjan Roy, said Terra Shrimp Seasoning Cube was generally designed to meet the taste needs of consumers who enjoy the flavour and aroma of shrimp for great-tasting meals anytime.

He said, “With its key ingredients of real shrimp, garlic and chili, Terra Shrimp Seasoning Cube has provided us with an opportunity to, once again, offer a unique product to our consumers who are ever on the lookout for an exciting variety.”

Chief marketing officer, TGI Group, Probal Bhattacharya, stated that the new Terra Shrimp Cube is designed to meet the needs of consumers looking for that unique seafood taste and aroma that comes from real shrimp in their meals.

“We are confident that the new Terra Shrimp Seasoning Cube will be endeared by chefs, caterers and homemakers across Nigeria for its authentic Shrimp flavour suitable for both local and international dishes,” he added.

Also, a chef with Emmanuel Catering Ajah, Mrs Nadia Ekong, described her cooking experience with the new Terra Shrimp Seasoning Cube as perfect, especially for her favourite seafood okra.

“Getting the right seasoning to deliver that unique seafood flavour and aroma for my favourite soup – seafood okra and other seafood delicacies – had been a challenge until I recently discovered the Terra Shrimp Seasoning Cube through my mother.

“Ever since we started using Terra Shrimp Seasoning Cube, we have noticed a higher demand than usual for our seafood dishes, especially the seafood okra. We believe that this trend will continue and we will have more returning customers. Thanks to Terra Shrimp Seasoning Cube,” she said.

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