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Building upon the success of its launch, Terra Gold Cube has unveiled its new “One Cube, Endless Possibilities” campaign to redefine the way consumers approach seasoning and flavouring their dishes.

According to the company, with a focus on quality, versatility, value for money, and natural flavours, the campaign invites consumers to unlock the limitless potential of Terra Gold Cube, one delicious meal at a time.

It also said that through the campaign, the brand invites all consumers to embark on a voyage of taste, emotion, and discovery— providing a superior taste to their meals without going through the pain of choosing varieties of cubes, thereby unlocking a world of endless possibilities.

‘‘Terra Gold has a rich consistent taste that everyone craves for. Be it hearty vegetable stew, delicious soup, or the aromatic richness of Jollof rice, Terra Gold amplifies the natural flavours of your ingredients, accentuating their essence with finesse and precision. 

Chief marketing officer, TGI Group, Probal Bhattacharya, expressed confidence about Terra Gold having the potential to be the gold standard in seasoning cubes, that redefines the art of seasoning, one delicious dish at a time. 

“With Terra Gold Cube, we are not just offering a seasoning option; we want to assure consumers that there is now no need to worry about making the right choice of seasoning cubes. Terra Gold is the definitive gold standard in seasoning cubes for providing that special taste across various Nigerian dishes and cuisines.

As we look ahead, I am eager to see how Terra Gold becomes an integral part of kitchens around the country, inspiring individuals to experiment, innovate, and savour the endless possibilities that each Gold cube brings,” he said.

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