NIVEA has launched a new radiant and beauty range product that nourishes and protects melanin-rich skin tones.

According to the beauty and health company, the NewNIVEA Radiant & Beauty Advanced Care products is enriched with a blend of five natural oils and five vitamins.

“It sinks deeply into the skin to give your body48-hour lingering nourishment and helps with smoothness and stretch marks reduction in 2 weeks,” it stated.

The firm added that the advanced formulation has avocado oil which is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties; moisturising macadamia oil; olive oil which is an anti-inflammatory and helps treat dry skin; and soybean oil which strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier.

At the helm of the NIVEA launch of this new range and celebrating the unique shades of the skin of women from all over Nigeria are; was an award-winning actor, producer, entrepreneur and content creator, Beverly Naya.”

Others that graced the occasion included award-winning actor, producer, director, and one of Nigeria’s most-loved onscreen personalities, Linda Ejiofor-Suleiman; model, fashion and skincare influence, Somto Onwuazombe; digital creator, beauty influencer and YouTuber, Lydia Stanley SFX artiste, and beauty, MUA and hair enthusiast, Onaopepo Babarinsa.

It stated that, “Famous for the award-winning documentary ‘Skin’, which has screened at over 15 festivals around the world, including Cannes and Pan African Film Festival, it has also broken records as the first Nigerian documentary to be featured on Netflix.

The Head of Shopper and Customer Marketing, Basil Menachem, said the company was delighted to work on extraordinary products.

“The project brings to life years of research into the needs of African skin. This is particularly a celebration of all shades of beautiful Nigerian women, who are always proud and confident in their skin,” she said.

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