Google has introduced a new feature to enable individuals remove their personal or explicit images and other content that they no longer wish to be visible in Search.

The tech giant launched this initiative with a view to addressing users’ growing concerns about privacy. The Google’s new tool will make the process of gathering and deleting personal information less cumbersome for eligible instances such as untrue information, unwanted contact details which include address, phone number or copyright.

The company disclosed that this tool can be accessed by users through the Google app by clicking on their Google account photo and selecting “Results about you”, or by visiting the ‘Result about you’ website.

For other instances of inaccurate or offensive content, users can submit a request for Google to remove content from the search results.

In the same vein, the Google announced a new tool for parental control which will enable parents blur explicit images from their children’s search results. The announcement was made on its blog post by Google’s vice president, Trust Danielle Romain.

According to the post, the new tool, which is only available in the US and in English for now, doesn’t actually delete the information from the internet. It just stops it from showing up in search results.

The new tool, however, suggests that users should contact the specific website that has posted unwanted information about them to request it to be removed.

Additionally, Google has also announced today it will introduce a new tool for parents to blur explicit images from their children’s search results.

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