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Terra Seasoning Cube, renowned for its superior quality that elevates taste and flavour in dishes, continues to captivate its ever-expanding consumer base with its resolute consistency in pricing, defying the challenges posed by current inflationary trends and the escalating costs of foodstuff.

A devoted homemaker, Mrs. Eniye Jones, shares her relief and satisfaction in purchasing her beloved Terra Seasoning Cubes at prices she has grown accustomed to. She said, “I am delighted that brands like Terra Seasoning Cube allow me to meticulously plan my monthly home-keeping budget, unlike other unpredictable brands that randomly raise prices with each market visit.

Ever since my encounter with this extraordinary product about 2 years ago, I have continued to purchase my tasteful Terra Seasoning Cubes at the prices I’ve grown accustomed to.”

Chief Marketing Officer, TGI Group, Probal Bhattacharya, stated that price consistency is a crucial aspect of the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

“Across departmental stores, supermarkets, neighbourhood shops and open markets, we have ensured that for Terra Cubes the prices will remain the same.

Our commitment to maintaining prices not only simplifies the purchasing experience but also cultivates enduring trust amongst our valued consumers,” he stated.

According to the company, in a world where market fluctuations and inflation have become the new normal, leaving many brands to resort to desperate measures like compromising on quality or increasing price in a bid to offset costs, Terra Seasoning Cube has astutely recognised the significance of stabilizing the price of its product for its consumers.

Group Executive Director of TGI, Deepanjan Roy, said: “We understand the challenges faced by consumers when it comes to budgeting for their meals and delicacies. By providing a consistent pricing model for our seasoning cubes, we aim to empower our consumers and enhance their culinary experiences.”

Across all Terra Cubes variants of Chicken, Beef, Shrimp and Jollof Cubes, consumers are relieved that their cherished Terra Seasoning Cubes can still be purchased at the familiar price points of N50, N100, N200 and N500.

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