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For the first time in its 137-year history, Coca-Cola Co. has launched a campaign that weaves the Coke portfolio of products together into a single campaign.

The beverage giant said the campaign, “New Guy,” is designed to celebrate “the magic and chaos of the human experience that make getting together serendipitous for every person.”

The effort takes inspiration from the hit FX series “The Bear,” about the hectic lives of start-up restaurant employees, which won three Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 7 including Best TV Comedy series.

In fact, the new ad campaign takes more than inspiration from the hit series. TCCC partnered with Christopher Storer, who created “The Bear” and serves as showrunner, to develop the campaign.

The anchor spot in the campaign features a young woman taking her boyfriend to meet her extended family, which has gathered at her parents’ home on game day. There’s a memorable episode from the TV series that also features an extended clan gathering, although the gathering in the ad has none of the dark elements portrayed in the series. Some of the characters are reminiscent of characters in the TV series.

There’s a running joke about the boyfriend being “not short,” which he finds puzzling. And he ends up knocking over a bottle of Coke on a coffee table, which is presented almost as a test — which he has passed and been accepted into the family.

Interspersed through the action and displayed on the coffee table are a jumble of Coke brands including Original Taste, Zero Sugar, Honest Juice drinks for kids, Sprite and Smart water.

The spot ends with the tagline “The Coca-Cola Company. Proud Sponsors Of What Matters Most.” Meaning, of course, family.

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