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The Bigi carbonated soft drink produced by Rite Foods Limited, a world-class and proudly-Nigerian company, that revitalises consumers with its 13 variants, has unveiled a new mantra, Bigi for Every Moment’ as the most refreshing brand that suits all occasions. The new slogan highlights the idea that there is a perfect flavour to suit every moment for all demographics, whether for a celebration or a relaxing mood, and it is suitable for all events. The Assistant Brand Manager; Bigi, Biola Aransiola, affirmed that there is a Bigi variant for everyone at all times, whether young or old, to keep them excited with their unique flavours. “Bigi products are leaders in flavour innovation, and the different variants are well produced to satisfy our consumers hence the brand is a pacesetter in the beverage industry,” she avowed. Termed as Naija’s favourites by consumers and with its larger market share, the Bigi variants include the Bigi Cola, Bigi Cherry Cola, Bigi Cola (zero sugar), Bigi Ginger Ale, Bigi Orange, Bigi Apple, Bigi Bitter Lemon, Bigi Soda Water, Bigi Lemon & Lime, Bigi Tropical, Bigi Chapman, Bigi Ginger Lemon, and Bigi Tamarind. The Bigi Cola is dubbed “Mr. Cool”, while the Bigi Apple is termed the “Show Stopper”, and the Bigi Chapman is “Sharp Man.” The Bigi Tropical has the communication slogan “Adeventurer” the Bigi Bitter Lemon “Wise One” the Bigi Lemon & Lime, “The Twin” Bigi Orange, “Fab One” Bigi Soda, “The Difference” Bigi Tamarind, “Legend” and the Bigi Cherry Cola stands for “Freshest.” Also, the Bigi Ginger Lemon is identified with the slogan “Double Team” and the Bigi Ginger Ale with a wonderful product catchphrase “Mild One.” Given the brand’s uniqueness, Bigi Cola in 2022, won “The Fastest Growing Cola Brand of the Year” at the Marketing Edge Brands and Advertising Excellence Awards held in Lagos. Bigi also clinched the “Most Outstanding CSD Brand of the Year” at the Brandcom 2021 Awards, for its market leadership position in the beverage industry, surpassing its competitors in that category. The brand’s viable marketing activities in connecting with its consumers have been felt in the entertainment and sport sector, where talents are discovered and nurtured for human and national development.

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