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1. HAVE A CLEAR, FORMAL STRATEGY This will define your audience, clarify your message, help you decide where to focus your energies, and keep you on track to reach your goals and objectives

2. DEFINE YOUR AUDIENCE In order to know what approach to take in selling and marketing your startup, first you need to work out who you are trying to reach with your marketing. Who is your ideal customer? 3. KNOW YOUR POINT OF DIFFERENCE It is important to be clear on your company’s unique point of difference. Rather than comparing your products or services to others, tell the market what you have to offer. Sell the benefits and the benefits of benefits that you have to offer.

4. EARNING CUSTOMER TRUST IS A PRIORITY A startup needs to earn customer trust and this should be their top priority. Once consumers develop trust in a brand, repeat and referral sales will keep the cash registers ringing. 5. USE LINK BUILDING TECHNIQUES Having links to your business from reputable, well-known sites represents an invaluable recommendation for your company to potential customers.

6. USE MEASURABLE MARKETING METHODS As a startup, one of the best things you can do is experiment with different marketing strategies and techniques. Try different ideas to see what works for your brand and what resonates with your audience.

7. BE RESPONSIVE TO YOUR CUSTOMER The great advantage of the interactive nature of digital marketing is that it is pretty easy to get a picture of what your customer base thinks. Study what they are saying about you on social media, read reviews meticulously, and tune into forums.

8. CREATE OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS TO TALK TO YOU This will obviously help you in getting a better picture of how your customers think, allowing you to be more responsive. However, it will also help you build relationships and foster loyalty with your customers by showing you care about their needs and what they have to say.

9. CREATE MEMORABLE MARKETING MESSAGES The key is to create a message that is distinct and memorable so that it leaves an impression in the audience’s mind. For that, you need to highlight your unique selling proposition (USP). Explain how you’re different from competitors and have data to back up your claims.

10. FOCUS ON CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE A startup should be obsessed with providing the best experience to its customers. Startups are competing with established brands that have earned a good reputation.

11. USE CONTENT MARKETING TO BUILD YOUR BRAND Content Marketing is the advertising of 2022. This strategy involves producing content that is interesting, useful, or entertaining to your customer base. 12. REWARD LOYAL CUSTOMERS Your customers are your brand advocates. They can market your products even better than experienced sales reps. Their testimonials can help you attract new customers. So, make sure that you reward your loyal customers amply.

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