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From the popular “party jollof” cooked with firewood in large aluminum pots to homemade jollof rice, the need to achieve a distinct jollof flavour that excites the palates with the right seasoning cube is a meeting point for all. In response to this requirement, TGI Group, makers of Terra Seasoning Cubes have unveiled Terra Jollof Cube, a complete Jollof seasoning with an inviting taste and flavour.

Jollof rice is a meal that cuts across every tribe and ethnic group in Nigeria. Everyone makes it just a little bit differently, and over the years, it has been the base for several other similar and derivative dishes. But no matter how you choose to make it, it has become a big part of our culture, our cuisine, and especially our celebrations.

Making the perfect Jollof would require the right ingredients and spices like pepper, thyme, turmeric, and garlic to take your jollof rice from good to great in no time. How about having all these ingredients and more in an innovative, convenient, and complete seasoning cube to deliver perfection to your jollof rice?

Terra Jollof cube is that complete Jollof seasoning that contains key Jollof ingredients like onion, pepper, thyme, turmeric and garlic for that irresistible smoky bottom pot taste and flavour that guarantees an extraordinary Jollof experience anytime.

Deepanjan Roy, Group Executive Director – TGI says that the new Terra Jollof Seasoning Cube was designed to meet the specific taste needs of consumers who love cooking or enjoying jollof rice for its quintessential smoky bottom pot taste, flavour, and aroma anytime.

“With its key ingredients of onion, pepper, thyme, turmeric and garlic, a new dimension of value has been added to the preparation of one of the country’s favourite dishes” he stated

Probal Bhattacharya – Chief Marketing Officer, TGI Group expressed confidence that the new Terra Jollof Seasoning will excite food lovers and create a value that is unmatched amongst seasoning products.

“In no distance time, we are confident that Terra Jollof seasoning cube will be the preferred seasoning cube of choice for chefs, caterers and homemakers across Nigeria for cooking their tasty, bottom pot flavourful Jollof rice”

Terra Seasoning Cubes are made up of wholesome, carefully sourced essential ingredients specially designed to meet the discerning Nigerian consumers’ needs in every meal, offering great taste, flavour and aroma for that unique cuisine experience. Every meal cooked with Terra guarantees an enjoyable meal and a rich signature homemade taste experience. Available in Beef, Chicken, Shrimp and Jollof flavours, in various consumer-friendly pack sizes nationwide.

Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group is an international investment and holding company with diversified interests and investments across Africa, The Middle East, Asia and other emerging markets. TGI’s investments focus on driving inclusivity and value addition using locally sourced raw materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a highly skilled workforce to produce world class products that are consumed both locally and exported to global markets. Across markets, TGI Group owns over a hundred leading brands in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Agricultural Inputs, Industrial Chemicals, Homecare Products and Pharmaceuticals

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