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Abbey Mortgage Bank, a leading institution in the mortgage industry, has celebrated its 32 years of traditional mortgage service and retail finance.

Established in 1992, Abbey Mortgage Bank has undergone remarkable transformations, emerging as a pioneer in the mortgage sector providing traditional mortgage services that has expanded into retail banking while broadening its scope to better serve its customers’ needs.

Speaking on the company’s significant milestone, managing director/CEO of Abbey Mortgage Bank, Mobolaji Adewumi remarked that, through dedication and innovation, its workforce has been the driving force behind Abbey Mortgage Bank’s transformative journey.

He added that, ‘their commitment to excellence, supported by a diverse management committee, has played a pivotal role in shaping Abbey into what it is today.’

The company also affirmed the need to focus on customer-centric solutions, noting that Abbey Mortgage Bank is innovation-driven that leverage technology to enhance its services.

Abbey Mortgage Bank commits to its corporate social responsibility initiatives, contributing to society, including Abbey Walk for Environment 2022 and donations to address medical challenges.

The bank has also achieved a remarkable decrease in non-performing loans (NPL), reducing from 70 per cent in 2020 to an impressive 7.35 per cent as at (current year). This achievement reflects the bank’s prudent risk management practices and dedication to maintaining a healthy loan portfolio.

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