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Global technology giant- Huawei has launched the Green 1-2-3 Solution. The launch took place during the Huawei Green ICT Summit in Barcelona, Spain. Delivering his keynote speech entitled “Green & Development, Choosing Not to Choose,” the President of ICT Strategy & Marketing of Huawei, Peng Song, pointed out that An AI Big Bang is underway. “AI brings new benefits and opportunities to operators. However, it also requires better ICT infrastructure due to higher bandwidth and increased computing power, leading to a rapid increase in network energy consumption.” Peng said. He pointed out that simultaneous green ICT and ICT development is possible if the right balance is struck between energy efficiency, renewable energy utilization, and user experience.He hinted that Huawei would launch solutions during the MWC Barcelona 2023 that will embody this approach to pave the way for the green development of ICT infrastructure networks. In terms of energy efficiency, Huawei advocates expanding the focus from improving network energy efficiency to reducing absolute energy consumption. In light-load scenarios, multi-dimensional shutdown technology can be employed to enable intelligent shutdown across different dimensions, such as frequency, time, channel, and power. Speaking on renewable energy, Peng calls for a focus expansion from the scale of green power deployment to the efficient use of renewable energy. An upgrade from network-specific to site-specific policies can be undertaken to improve the accuracy of renewable energy deployment. Additionally, the time required for intelligent scheduling can be reduced from days to minutes, thus maximizing renewable energy’s economic and environmental benefits. In terms of user experience, Huawei proposes that the focus should no longer solely be on network energy saving and KPI assurance but extend to user experience assurance. Optimal energy saving policies can be adopted according to different network scenarios. Basic network KPIs are guaranteed to maximize energy saving in low-traffic scenarios, while user experience is guaranteed in high-traffic scenarios. Experience-driven approaches are being upgraded to data-driven approaches, allowing energy-saving policies to be generated in minutes and optimization policies to be delivered in milliseconds. Peng emphasized that Huawei iteratively updates its green solutions in accordance with its belief in the potential of the three aforementioned areas and has launched the Huawei Green 1-2-3 solution. Within this solution, “1” refers to one index for green network construction; “2” refers to the focus on two scenarios: high energy efficiency and ultra-low energy consumption; and “3” refers to a systematic three-layer solution that covers sites, networks, and operations. Peng closed his speech by highlighting Huawei’s willingness to work with operators worldwide to strike a balance between going green and development in order to accelerate green ICT development.

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