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Your Excellency Game App Debuts in Nigeria

Your Excellency Game App Debuts in Nigeria


Your Excellency game app has been unveiled to the Nigerian public with the launch of its ‘Ready 2 Run’ version.
The game which is first of its kind is all about Nigeria’s political arena, is an adventure civic mobile game which is a learning tool for young people on governance. It’s a general game of no age restriction.

The Executive Director Youth Alive Foundation Dr. Udua Okon, speaking on the theme, “2.0 Mindset Series said: “Innovation is developed by innovators, we have been nursing this idea for the past two years and now it has came into reality. The game is designed for the age bracket 15 to 35 but it’s played by everyone even a 5 year old plays because it is an interesting game. “In the game you address governors and make a speech that inspires for excellence in governance. Players symbolically run for electoral offices starting from active citizens to attain governorship positions, while on the race they learn key governance issues and their role in contributing to a more accountable and transparent society so that they can translate the learning experience to real life issues and contribute positively to the society. “It’s designed to educate youth not only that, to the youths who has the intention of aspiring for the political posts for governor.    For you to become an Excellency, you must have been a governor before the presidency.”



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