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Sarkodie Ahead Of His Counterparts In Ghana

Sarkodie Ahead Of His Counterparts In Ghana


When the history of these times in African music is read back to generations after us, there shall only be a few names at the top of the column for Hip hop. Sarkodie will be right up there, his story inspiring, his music captivating, and his efforts for the culture trailblazing.

After more than a decade of putting Ghana on the map, the greatest MC who kicked it from that country is releasing an album to underline his status as the best that ever did it from the Gold Coast. Sarkodie has earned his badges for the culture, and he has a lot to say about that. On “Highest” album, he keeps his head high, and his shoulders higher. The only time he tones it down a notch is when he attributes his existence to God, a higher being, pulling the strings of providence and aligning his stars up in the heavens on ‘Glory’.

With “Highest” album, one thing is certain: Sarkodie is driving home the fact that he is miles ahead of his counterparts in Ghana, and qualifies for a spot in the pantheon of African rap gods. The music matches his ambitions, his talent dwarfs all doubters, and if you look closely enough, you could find him deservedly smiling to the bank.

What is your take on his new album?


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