Home Brand News RC Cola Enters Nigerian Beverage Market, Sets Plant In Agbara
RC Cola Enters Nigerian Beverage Market, Sets Plant In Agbara

RC Cola Enters Nigerian Beverage Market, Sets Plant In Agbara


Identifying the huge market space in the Nigerian beverage industry, the management of RC Cola said they are not afraid of competition but confident enough that RC Cola as a brand, will thrive in Nigeria’s business environment, as it going to leverage on the brand’s legacy and consistency it has built since 1905.

At the dealers forum in Agbara, Ogun state, dealers were taken around to see for themselves the ground breaking state-of-art factory plant investment worth millions of dollars. Speaking at the forum, Managing Director, RC Cola, Moshy Cohen said that the brand is in more than 65 countries of the world competiting favbourably.  The brand has been existing since 1905, and that is a long legacy. I think we hold the stick for the next generation because it is a brand that is existing in many countries. RC Cola is a successful brand  like I mentioned, and we are powerful in our recipe”. According to Cohen, one of our major values is quality. Everything around the brand is quality and we have not deviated from that. It has become our character and that is why since 1905 the brand has been growing from strength to strength in countries where we operate. We support this with effective and most quality lines in the world. Add to that, the achievement of the brand today hinges on quality training,  quality flavour and consistency etc. “We produce 35,000 bottles for an hour, 11 lines with more than 40,000 per an hour and we are setting more lines that will give us 90,000 per an hour, to enable us meet up with demands of our customers”. Cohen said that the Nigerian market is huge and interesting. Our idea in Nigeria is to supply the demand because it is huge. So, the magic is not only to supply the demand, the magic is to be consistent and keep to our value, quality over time”. In addition, Plant Manager, Jide Aweda, said that the idea of setting a factory like this which is a contract packaging company is new in Nigeria and when the idea came up, there are a number of people who want to register one product or the other but they didn’t have the money to purchase land or equipment. “With this facility which is built for 11 lines, we decided to take the franchise ownership of RC Cola. Presently, we needed a product that can play well with the existing brands in Nigeria”. Oweda said, “From the great taste of RC Cola which the people have accepted, we can make a head way in our operation in Nigeria. We have invested more money in bringing in more machines to meet up with the demand, that is why we started with big dealers. In the same vein, Head of Commercial, Steve Edeki, said that the essence of this forum is to inform our dealers that the brand, RC Cola is a month and six days we started selling in Lagos. “We invited dealers to know where RC Cola is coming from and to build that confidence that we will be supplying them non stop because we have the capacity to do that with our latest state-of-art factory plant here in Agbara. “The channel lines are very nice, encouraging because we have done one month and six days and we have been able to penetrate Lagos, getting the right distributors, and we are going to take the step downward by planning towards the wholesalers, retailers so the the product will get to the final consumers who according to what we have been doing in the market like the taste of the product and are eager to get it. Our strategy is to make the business easy for dealers in terms of distribution so that nothing encroaches into their profit margin, and we believe that with the quality of the product, it will succeed in Nigeria”. Furthermore, Head of Marketing, Shakiru Briamo said, “We have a lot of plans, and we have been doing our marketing experiential to make this product go all over Nigeria, because it’s not about distributing to the distributors alone but helping them to push this product out. This product has been since 1905 and it has been a great taste. About 70 countries are selling this product and they are selling well. I think it’s going to sell well in Nigeria. Nigeria has a big market, we will sell well and do well.



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