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Fidelity Bank Reaffirms Commitment To Customers In New Campaign

Fidelity Bank Reaffirms Commitment To Customers In New Campaign


Barely two years ago when Fidelity Bank perked up its brand identity, the innovative brand, which is constantly working to make life easier for its customers is launching a brand campaign ‘Our Word’ today to further reaffirm its commitment to the people it serves.

Through a Television Commercial (TVC), Fidelity portrays itself as an institution that keeps trust with its customers. The direct message in the commercial shows a couple set for an outing. While the husband was waiting for the wife, their daughter of about seven years begs to join them and the dad agreed. In order to be sure, the daughter echoed, promised? And the dad replied ‘I keep my word’. As she goes to pick her shoes, the couple hid themselves, pretending to have left the house. When she thought they had left her, she was sad and confused, but seconds later, the parents emerged and they all left. The dad has kept his ‘word’.

Speaking on the campaign, the bank’s Managing Director, Nnamdi Okonkwo said, “It is a defining moment, a reminder that our customers’ expectations are high and as Fidelity people, we cannot fail in keeping our word to them.”

The TVC epitomizes our very essence as a trustworthy set of people that keep faith with our customers no matter their class or creed.

In 2015, the bank launched a thematic brand campaign, ‘Tough Job campaign’ which according to Okonkwo was a “philosophy that expresses our readiness to take on tough challenges, turning them into opportunities to please our customers and go beyond the call of duty to make them happy. We made this promise that when things become tough, we would be ready to take them head-on in a positive manner. I am proud that it was a very successful campaign with global acclaim and we have all lived up to our promises ever since.

“This momentous event was even more than a change in our appearance; it signposted our decision to do things differently. It was a firm commitment to always keep our promises to our customers – both internal and external.“


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