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8 Strategies to Boost Sales Revenue For Your Business

Increase productivity of your staff – recognize and reward staff contributions with staff performance reviews, and teach them sales skills and how to up sell products so customers make multiple purchases at one time Develop new product lines – survey your customers about new products Find new customers – new customers can help grow your business Find new markets – use market research to determine if you […]

7 Ways on How to Get Quick Bank Loan in Nigeria

5 Practical Steps Entrepreneurs Can Stay Motivated Every Day

Feeling bored or tired as a result of the daily challenges businesses brings? Entrepreneurs need motivation by the bucketful, but some days it’s easier to stir up than others. It’s fantastic to have big, long-term goals, but don’t underestimate the power of little, daily ones. These easier to attain goals keep you going even with a nightmare […]

7 Ways on How to Get Quick Bank Loan in Nigeria


There’s an old adage that recommends that people hope for the best and plan for the worst. The saying is particularly salient for entrepreneurs and is in and of  itself a good piece of advice for managing your small business. After all, crisis situations of all kinds can arrive at any time. Small businesses in particular […]

7 Ways on How to Get Quick Bank Loan in Nigeria

7 Ways To Make Your Business Stand Out In A Crowd Of Competitors

In a world where the competition regularly claims to be #1, it’s difficult to differentiate and build your own identity. Difficult, but not impossible. Look at big brands like Pepsi, KFC and Zara. They have built their brand identities to command a large share of the market. Effective differentiation is one of the main challenges small […]

7 Ways on How to Get Quick Bank Loan in Nigeria


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