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Apply for a grant — US African Development Foundation

Apply for a grant — US African Development Foundation


USADF does not provide funding to government agencies, political parties, or organizations that are not based in Africa. Apply HERE

USADF is an independent U.S. Government agency established by Congress to support and invest in African owned and led enterprises, which improve lives and livelihoods in poor and vulnerable communities in Africa.



An organization formed by a group of small-scale farmers, artisans, or producers to achieve some or all of the advantages of large-scale marketing and production.


An organization made up of a group of people who come together to accomplish a common goal or a set of goals tailored to meet the development needs of their community.


An organization that works directly with very low-income people and underserved groups.

The majority of USADF’s funding agreements range between $50,000 and $250,000.  USADF does not provide funding to government agencies, political parties, or organizations that are not based in Africa.  Please note, USADF does not provide funding or scholarships to individuals

NOTE:  APPLYING FOR AN USADF GRANT IS FREE, THERE IS NO FEE ASSOCIATED WITH A GRANT APPLICATION.   (Une demande de subvention USADF EST GRATUIT. Il n’y a aucun frais associé à une application d’USADF.)

Selection Guidelines and Priorities

USADF has two major priorities when considering a request for funding a project:

– Does the application comes from an African community group or organization that represents its own development priorities and includes the participation of the poor in setting project objectives?

– Does the application represent a project that could provide maximum benefit to an underserved and underserved population group?

Project applications are evaluated on the basis of potential benefits to the community, potential for job creation, workers income improvements, long term profitability, and managerial strengths and capabilities.  Other application selection criteria follow:

Organization Requirements

1. The organization must be 100 percent African-owned and managed.
2. The organization must be a legally recognized African entity (or in the process of becoming legally registered. Registration must be completed before any funding may be provided)
3. The organization must demonstrate that it has successfully worked together and has the potential to productively utilize development funds.
4. The ownership and management must be in agreement on the problem to be addressed and have a commitment to benefit their community.
5. The organization must have basic functional management and controls to use and account for USADF funds.
Benefit Requirements

1. The proposed project should represent both the applicant’s and targeted beneficiaries identified needs.
2. The outcome of the project must provide real (measurable) benefits to the community. Benefits include job creation, increased incomes levels, improved market access, and quality of life improvements.

Other Considerations

1. The project is consistent with USADF’s host country strategies and partnerships.
2. The goals of the project can be implemented realistically with USADF funds.
3.There are sufficient management, technical and financial resources available for project success.
4.The organization can demonstrate long-term viability after USADF funding ends.
5.The organization can meet all licensing/regulatory and environmental requirements.
6. The project has potential for broader replication.
7. The level of funding from self and other sources (local, foreign, donors) committed to or available to the organization. United States African Development F African Development F


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