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Alphabet Media Academy Launched In Lagos

Alphabet Media Academy Launched In Lagos


Media practitioners, stakeholders in the advertising sector and educationists gathered for the launch of the Alphabet Media Academy.
The academy will run post graduate certificate and diploma in media management for ten and twenty three weekends respectively.
Stakeholders here agreed that the academy couldn’t have come at a better time, especially as there is a need for a vibrant media advertising and marketing communications sector in Nigeria and this can only be made possible by well trained professionals.

According to the statement released by the management of the academy, the objective of setting up the school is “To provide a Post Graduate Media Advertising Training for new entrants approaching the media advertising profession and young executives already working in the industry. To train students who would like to improve their current employment while others would be trained to be ‘employable’ and the Academy shall assist them in job placement with prospective employers and to contribute to the Ecosystem by providing a constant flow of trainees/students who are well-trained with hands-on practical experience.”

Eki Adzufeh, a respected media expert and the Chief Executive Officer, Alphabet Media Academy, said AMA is a unique project borne out of the ingenuity of the promoters, MIPAN. A gap analysis initiated by association revealed the deficiencies in the skill sets of the current middle management staff of Media Independents quite clearly.

Alphabet Media Academy will run Post Graduate Programme in Media Management, with two specialized courses: Post Graduate Certificate in Media Management (PGCMM) for 10 Weekends and Post Graduate Diploma in Media Management (PGDMM) for 23 Weekends.

The board members of the AMA includes: Professor Lai Oso, Director at Alphabet Media Academy and Professor of Mass Communication, School of Communication, Lagos State University; Dr. Josef Bel-Molokwu, Dean of Alphabet Media Academy and Senior Fellow at the School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos;  and Mrs. Janet Adetu , Board of Director of Alphabet Media Academy.

The academy plans to guarantee employment on graduation for Top 10 grandaunts (Diploma) in leading Media Advertising agencies in Nigeria. The students will also be exposed to 6 months Internship with leading Media Advertising Agencies as part of Diploma Programme.

Alphabet Media Academy is accredited by the Nigeria Technical Board and supported by regulatory bodies like the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria and the Advertisers Association of Nigeria
lectures will commence from April 21, 2018.


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