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7 Ways on How to Get Quick Bank Loan in Nigeria

7 Ways on How to Get Quick Bank Loan in Nigeria


1. Stay consistent in the pursuit of your business growth someone is watching 

2. Be bold to seek help with those who have worked in banking to see what they are looking out for

3. Practice your STORY. Stand in front of The mirror repeat how you started, what motivated you to keep you going, and where you are going with this business .

4. Bank all your sales. ALLLLLLLLL! It gives bankers a sense of security because from your deposits they can predict your cash flow .Know your business especially the trends.

5. Give your business visibility. Offer your service/product to as many people as possible .They will become your brand advocates.

6. Develop relationships that are genuine and those who see you need help will come to your aid.
Develop your character. No one really gives money to a company but to a person .Be a person whose word is his bond. Practice it today and in little ways.

7. Above all PRAY. I was once at the right place at the right time and got recommended. Consistency + BrandVisibility + Character + Prayer. The footsteps of the Righteous are ordered by the Lord (ps 37:23.)

Credit: Tara Durotoye, CEO of House of Tara Intl.


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